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Тик-ток уже не остановить 😂
Ставь 👍 если тоже не хочешь уезжать из Крыма и Алушты.

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Крым, «‎бавовна»! Момент взрыва засняли очевидцы 🔥

Сообщают, что детонирует очередной склад боеприпасов рф в пгт Азовское Джанкойского района.

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Коли лунає будильник і треба збиратися на роботу, але ти дуже хочеш спати 🤣

Репост другу, якого неможливо розбудити вранці.

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Лучшая в мире реклама McDonald's.

«Мне терять нечего, Я Чернигов люблю, тут McDonald's прикольный. Потому что не в наших интересах было пропустить их сюда, чтобы они макдональс разрушили» 👏
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GTA: Сzech Edition – на дорогах Чехии сейчас можно увидеть гоночный болид F1.

Полицейские не смогли установить личность водителя и разыскивают его, но для этого сначала придется его догнать 😎
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Иногда по утрам все буквально валится из рук.

Репост другу-рукожопу 🤪
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Арестович предупредил всех «ура патриотов», что война может закончиться совсем не так, как им обещали:

«Ждите, ребята, все только начинается не только в Крыму, но и во всех местах. В Крыму еще осталось 5 аэродромов, на которых есть авиация. Они все потенциальные мишени и Черноморский флот. У нас есть все сведения, мы все видим, и партизаны там во всю работают».

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В результате взрыва в Новофедоровке погибло не менее 60, и ранено более 100 пилотов и гражданских лиц, обслуживающих военный аэродром, – советник главы МВД Антон Геращенко.

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​Real Estate Investment Group- An Asset Of The Future

🔝Access to an exclusive club and its partner ventures.
✨Metaverse compatibility and interoperability catered to UE5.
🙌🏼Your NFT is the access into the REIC -MetaHQ (MaaS) and the opportunity to monetise your assets, skills, and knowledge.
🪙The infrastructure behind tokenisation of assets.
⚙️Longevity and limitless opportunity throughout REIC and its partner concepts.
📈The opportunity to customise your avatar at a later point.
🌎Education on Real Estate, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Finance.
Artwork designed by a designer who has worked on GTA & Red Dead Redemption.
👌🏽The concepts and NFT collection, have been built by a team of Real Estate Investors, Developers, Graphic Designers, and blockchain engineers.
💡Super high-quality NFT’s , which will be moving and have x4 different moving aspects.
👍🏽Will live on the Ethereum - ERC-721 blockchain.
🎁Utility and giveaways will continually expand as the project progresses and evolves.
💎Your NFT will also grant access to professionals, real-world assets, deals, and investment opportunities.
💰Access to our token at the earliest stage of investment, more to be revealed.

👉🏼Head to their website to learn more:


​The Reserve Bank of Australia to explore use cases for CBDC.

The Reserve Bank of Australia weighs in the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) race to explore use cases for a CBDC in the country. It will collaborate with the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) on a respective research project.

As stated in an announcement on Tuesday, the joint project of the Reserve Bank and DFCRC will focus on “innovative use cases and business models” that could be supported by the issuance of a CBDC. The technological, legal and regulatory considerations will also be assessed in the project’s course.

The pilot will last about a year and take the form of the CBDC operating in a ring-fenced environment. Industry stakeholders will be invited to develop specific use cases, which The Bank and the DFCRC will then evaluate. The selected cases will participate in the pilot, resulting in a special report.

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The Reserve Bank intends to publish the paper with further details on the project in the next few months. As Michele Bullock, the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank, stated:

“This project is an important next step in our research on CBDC. We are looking forward to engaging with a wide range of industry participants to better understand the potential benefits a CBDC could bring to Australia.”

The DFCRC is a $180 million research program funded by industry partners, universities and the Australian Government, which aims to bring together stakeholders in the finance industry, academia and regulatory sectors to develop the opportunities arising from the next transformation of financial markets.

On Friday, the Bank of Thailand announced the two-year pilot of retail CBDC testing, which should start by the end of 2022.

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