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​Wondering about the Future of NFTs? 🤔
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EVT (Encrypted Variable Tokens) by Newton Blockchain Project is here to change the game! 🔥
👉Upgraded evolution of the NFT, Innovated on the Newton Blockchain.
👉A living contract, allows owner to program and reprogram its smart contracts.
👉 Will soon be traded on a premiere Entertainment Asset Dapp called Wave.
👉Allow users to own digital assets that evolve with time.
👉Own and distribute digital content within platform and create bulk sale events to view encrypted media content
👉Creators can enjoy residual royalties for a lifetime

All this & so much more with EVTs 💥

For more details:
Website -
Wave -


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Breaking: South Korean Prosecutors Starts New Investigation Into Terra (LUNA)

South Korean prosecutors’ team has started a new investigation and review on Terra tokens to categorize them under securities.

TerraForm Labs, its founder Do Kwon, and other affiliates will also be charged with violating the Capital Market Act if Terra tokens LUNA, LUNC, and UST (now USTC) are found to be securities.

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors Office’s Financial and Securities Crime Joint Investigation Team met with experts from crypto exchanges and financial regulators including Financial Supervisory Service to determine if Terra tokens are securities, reported the Korea Herald on September 13.


But you need to make sure you are getting in with a legit project backed by a team that can deliver.

NFT Apparel is a web3 project that has been building during the entire bear market and is about to kick off its token seed sale - which can make you LIFE CHANGING MONEY IN THE BULL MARKET

NFT Apparel has already launched:
👉 NFT Marketplace (live on multiple chains)
👉 NFT Storefront
👉 MaaS - Minting as a Service allowing any NFT artist to create and mint their NFT collection with no code, a Dapp that is set to revolutionise how NFT Artists create collections

✅ It has a doxxed team
✅ Contracts have been audited
✅ Is meeting all steps on its Roadmap
✅ Has been building through the bear market
✅ Raised $125K in private seed round

Find out more here👇

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🔞Жесткие кадры освобождения Херсонщины уже на канале Труха⚡️Украина.


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​​Kyber Network offers bounty following $265K hack of decentralized exchange.

"As a bug bounty, we are offering you 15% of the funds if you return it and have a conversation with our team," said Kyber Network.

KyberSwap, the decentralized exchange built on liquidity protocol Kyber Network, has offered a hacker 15% of the funds from a $265,000 exploit as a bug bounty.

In a Thursday blog post, Kyber Network said a hacker had used a frontend exploit to pilfer roughly $265,000 worth of user funds from KyberSwap. The protocol said it will compensate all users for any missing funds related to the exploit, and directly addressed the hacker to give them an opportunity to return the funds in exchange for “a conversation with our team” and 15% of what was taken — roughly $40,000.

“We know the addresses you own have received funds from central exchanges and we can track you down from there,” said Kyber Network. “We also know the addresses you own have OpenSea profiles and we can track you through the NFT communities or directly through OpenSea. As the doors of exchanges close upon you, you will not be able to cash out without revealing yourself.”

Kyber Network reported shutting down its frontend following the discovery of a “suspicious element” at 8:24 AM UTC on Sept. 1. The platform disabled its user interface and found “a malicious code” in its Google Tag Manager, which targeted “whale wallets with large amounts,” giving the hacker the ability to transfer funds to different addresses. According to Kyber Network co-founder Loi Luu, this was the first hack on the protocol in five years.

“The attack was identified and put a stop to after 2 hours of investigations,” said Kyber Network. “This attack was an FE exploit and there is no smart contract vulnerability.”

Hackers have used exploits to execute attacks on many decentralized finance protocols, including $100 million being removed from the Horizon Bridge in June and draining $200 million worth of crypto from the Nomad token bridge in August. Cointelegraph reported on Aug. 11 that the overwhelming majority of attackers responsible for the Nomad bridge hack copied the original exploit, directing funds to addresses they chose.


«...– Начиная с седьмого таера у нашего лендлорда есть одна замечательная услуга. Называется «задержка памяти». Выборочное забвение. Вы доплачиваете, чтобы не помнить каких-то деталей своей жизни...
– Забываете полностью?
– Нет, в том-то и дело. Подсознание все помнит, и вы остаетесь самим собой. Но на сознательном уровне вы не тревожитесь. Сильно помогает, когда у вас в прошлом много... Ну, сцен борьбы и насилия. Поставил задержку – и все уходит. Живешь в настоящем. Совесть не беспокоит. Получаешь радость от простых бытовых мелочей. Вы так не пробовали?
– Нет, – сказал шейх, – слышал про это, но не планирую... Пока. Я горжусь своими спецоперациями. А вы о чем-то жалеете?
– Да нет, – ответил кукуратор, – не то что жалею, а... Ну, это как бы новая чистая жизнь. Свежая страница каждый день. Но дорого. Очень дорого».

Виктор Пелевин. Transhumanism Inc.

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